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We are hiring (2-3 Ph.D. students 2023 FALL)!

About AI4SG Lab

Thank you for being so interested in joining our AI4SG (AI for Social Good) lab. This lab will focus on designing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for social good. We believe that AI technologies have strong potential to bring benefits to our society. To achieve this ambitious goal, we need a group of talents having interdisciplinary backgrounds to join the projects. We welcome all levels of students and researchers to join our teams.

Research Topics: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Social Computing, Human-centered AI, Conversational AI, and Human-AI interaction


Join this team

Please attach your 1) latest CV, 2) reasons to join this team, and 3) your personal goals to be successful in this team. We'd like to help each team member to get much achievement from the research projects and this journey. We are recruiting 2 - 3Ph.D. students (2023).

Current Status

This research group was founded on Sep. 1, 2022, by Dr. Yi-Chieh (EJ) Lee.  Our group focuses on human-computer interaction (HCI), social computing, and human-centered AI research. The research topics include designing conversational agents, reducing social stigma, promoting mental health, and tackling misinformation. We welcome researchers and students to join our team if you share our interests. Our team has many international collaborations such as NTT, Kyoto University, UC Davis, and Cornell University.

Collaborators :

Sue Fussell (Cornell)

Naomi Yamashita (NTT & Kyoto University)

Jack Jamieson (NTT)

Hao-Chuan Wang (UC Davis)

Wen-Chieh Lin (NYCU)

Wang Ye (NUS)​

Renwen Zhang (NUS)

Pin Sym Foong (NUS)

Mentees (overseas):

Yichao Cui (Student, Cornell)

Qingxiaoyang Zhu (Student, UC Davis)

Annie Ho (Student, NYCU)

Wen-Xuan Cheng (Student, NYCU)

Yi-Hong Lin (Student, NYCU)

Lab Members:

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